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Speaker cable

Some guidelines about speaker cables and sound quality

In the 1970ies everybody used electric lamp cords to connect their loudspeakers to their HiFi amplifiers. Back then also everybody believed that cables have no effect on sound quality. Over the last 3-4 decades however this wrong assumption was completely reversed and corrected: both HiFi fans as well as audio engineers realized that switching from a thin tinned zip cord copper cable to a cable of better copper quality and perfectly terminated (assembled) resulted in dramatically better sound.

Assembled cables = comfort and safety

A pre-assembled loudspeaker cable can be prepared with two kinds of connectors. One is called “spade”, the other one is the so called “banana” plug. The latter makes connecting significantly faster and easier. In addition it protects the cable’s inner wires and strands. You can choose between solder/crimp-type or screw-type connectors. The KáCsa and Neotech loudspeaker cables are being custom assembled by hand in our specialty store located in Budapest, Hungary. The factory-made AudioQuest and Furutech products are being assembled in the respective manufacturer’s assembly center.

What influences the price of loudspeaker cables?

For an outsider it can be shocking sometimes, how much assembled loudspeaker cable can cost. It is hard to tell by looks, why some models are so expensive. The prices are depending on materials used and/or technologies applied. We will soon publish a detailed article about this subject.

Are you looking for a unique, custom made loudspeaker cable?

Standard loudspeaker cables come mostly in 2 x 3 meter length, because many users select this size. If you need a loudspeaker cable in different lengths (or different from the ones below), then feel  free to contact us and we are always happy to inform, advise and help!

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Speaker cable

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