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Hookup wire

Hook-up Wires for Hi-Fi and other audio devices

If you are a DIY Hi-Fi geek and like to build audio components for yourself, perhaps you already experienced the problem with low quality wires. They can easily hold back the quality of music. Everything in the signal path does influence sound. Hook-up wire is a single cable that's made especially for signal transmission. It is designed to connect circuits, electric parts, input or output connectors within audio devices.

For this purpose you could use basic, cheap metal wire too. It will probably work, but won’t sound that good. Mass producer manufacturers often do this exactly, in order to save production cost. The purity of conductor material will influence the quality of sound. Because of this, an audiophile hook-up wire can provide a better sound experience. In order to get optimal results, you might do some research and check for the correct cross-section. You can even build an analogue interconnect or electrical cable from hook-up wire. Enthusiastic audiophiles and several well-known Hi-Fi manufacturers rely on Neotech products.

What influences the cost of hook-up wire prices?

Just like any audio cable, the type (and quantity) of materials will affect the overall price. Cheaper models contain PVC insulation. The higher class options have more effective teflon insulation. All Neotech hook-up wires that you find in our webshop, use monocrystal (OCC) copper conductors for signal transmission. The absolute best category is made of OCC silver. Depending on use or Your acoustic preferences, solid (SO), stranded (ST) and rectangular (LE) geometrical shapes are available. All the listed products below can be ordered in any length (we can even cut them in inch or centimeter precision if needed). Check out our online shop and choose from 0.05 mm2 up to 3.33 mm2 cross section!

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Hookup wire

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