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Ready to use video, audio cables

What cable assemblies can you select and buy here?

By choosing from our wide range of assembled VIDEO or AUDIO cables, you can achieve a long lasting, secure and high quality connection between your A/V components (for example Hi-Fi or Home Cinema players, amplifier/receivers,  loudspeakers, TV, gaming consoles etc.). Choose one of our interconnect cables; they are all based on modern technologies!

How much is worth spending on wires

If you need a safe solution to hook-up some basic, entry-category components, you may perfectly reach your goal even with our less costly products. But - as many reviews, tests and opinions certified - there is almost always a significant sound/visual improvement and quality difference possible, when you are using better cables in a middle or higher category system. Why is that? The main reason is that more expensive audio and video cables usually are made from better conductor materials, have more advanced shielding layers and/or use even a better signal-flow optimized connector body.  There is no specific rule that says how much is worth spending on wires. However, and what has been proven to be a sound advice, we recommend to invest approx. 10-20% of your system’s total value into the complete cabling. Of course, this is just our suggestion after 25 years of experience in this field; the reality will be based upon YOUR preferences and available budget possibilities.

Choosing the right length of cable assemblies

You can order most of our assembled cables in different lengths. If the product is available, we indicate availability in the short description under its name. In this case, you can simply click to choose your preferred length on the product’s own page. 

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Ready to use video, audio cables

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