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5.1.    After the registration the User will be able to sign in to the webshop and start shopping start it without registration.

5.2.     The user sets the number of the product/products to buy.

5.3.    The user places the selected products in the basket. Users can view the basket content at any time by clicking the"basket" icon.

5.4.    If the User wants to add an additional product to the basket, select the"continue shopping" button.

5.5.    If you do not want to buy any additional product, you can check the number of items you want to buy. Click the"delete – empty basket" icon to delete the cart contents. To finalize the quantity, click"+/-" icon.

5.6.     The user selects the delivery address and then the delivery / payment method, which types are as follows:

5.6.1.    Payment methods:

Personal pick-up: In cash upon receipt at the Service Provider's business premises: In case of choosing to pay for the goods upon receipt, the User pays the purchase price of the product in cash or by credit card at the Service Provider's business premises. Cash payment is only possible in Hungarian forints (HUF).

Contact of service provider, open hours:
Fogarasi út 19.
H-1149, Budapest

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:30 - 17:30

Thursday: 9:00 - 18:30

Friday: 9:30 - 16:00

Tel: +36 1 220 9100
Mobile: +36 30 884 1234

If the User pays by credit card, pre-ordered the product or ordered a cash-on-delivery product that is already with the courier, in the meantime he / she cannot pick up the product in person at the store, only after returning it, if he / she does not want to pick it up.

If you choose to receive it in person, the Service Provider will keep the product for 5 working days after being informed about the possibility of receiving it. If the User does not receive the product within this time, the order will be canceled by the Service Provider.

Payment by cash on delivery: If the ordered product is delivered by courier service, it is possible for the User to pay the final amount of the order to the courier in cash upon receipt of the ordered product (s).

By bank transfer: The user is obliged to transfer the value of the ordered products to the bank account in the confirmation e-mail within 3 days. After crediting the amount to the Service Provider's bank account, the User is entitled to receive the product (s) in the manner specified by him.

Online credit card: The User has the possibility to pay the total value of the order online by credit card via the secure payment system of the financial service provider used by the Service Provider.

5.6.2.     Shipping cost are the following:

Domestic shipping:

Cash on delivery: 2 500 HUF,
In case of advanced transfer and credit card payment: HUF 2 150
Above a gross order value of HUF 50,000, we take over delivery fees from our customers.

Rest of the world:
Individual query for countries not listed in the table above, based on current freight.

5.7.    If there is lack or imperfection in connection with the products or prices in the webshop, we reserve the rights for correction. In such a case we inform the customer about the new data immediately after the recognition or modification. Afterwards, the customer can confirm the order again, or has a chance to rescind the contract.

5.8.    The total sum contains all the charges according to the totalizing of the order and the letter of confirmation. The bill is included in the package. The user is obliged to check the package at delivery before the courier and in case of possible damage to products or packaging, he or she is obliged to request a record and in case of damage the package is not obliged to take over. Subsequent, non-recorded complaint by the Service Provider does not accept it! Packages are delivered on business days between 8 am and 5 pm. 

5.9.    Once you have entered the data, you can submit your order by clicking on the"Finalize" button, but you can check the details provided before you can, or send a comment to your order or email us any other ordering wishes.

5.10.    The User acknowledges by the order that his payment obligation arises.

5.11.    Correcting Input Bugs: The user can return to the previous phase before completing the order process, where he can correct the input data. In detail: During ordering it is possible to view or modify the content of the basket, if the basket does not contain the quantity to be ordered, the user can enter the amount of quantity to be ordered in the input field in the quantity column and then press the"update/update basket"Button. If you want to delete a user from the items in the basket, click the"X""delete" button. During the order, the User has a continuous opportunity to correct / delete the inputs.

5.12.    The user/customer gets an email of confirmation after sending the order, which does not give rise to contract.  If this e-mail does not arrive within an expectable deadline –depending on the profile of the service- or at latest within 48 hours, the user is relived of the bid fixity or contractual duty. The order and the confirmation of the order can be considered „arrived” to the Provider or to the User, when it is reachable for them. The Provider excludes the blame of confirmation, if the confirmation does not arrive in time because the user/customer has given wrong email address, or the storage pool of the account is full, and can not receive messages.

5.13.    The User acknowledges that the confirmation in the previous section is only an automatic confirmation, and does not constitute a contract. The contract is created when the Service Provider notifies the User of the details of the order and its expected fulfillment after another automatic confirmation of the above mentioned item.


6.1.    Orders are processed during opening hours. In addition to the times specified for processing the order, it is possible to place the order, if it is after the expiration of the working time, it will be processed the following day. Service Provider's customer service will always confirm by electronic means when it can fulfill its order.

6.2.    General deadline for completion:

- If the ordered product is in stock and the order is received by 12 noon, the Service Provider will ship it the same day and it will be delivered the next day.

- If the product is not currently in stock (this can also be seen in the web store), the Service Provider will notify the User when its delivery is expected.

6.3.    According to the contract of sale, the Service Provider shall transfer the ownership of the property, the User shall pay the purchase price and take over the thing.

6.4.    If the seller is an enterprise and the buyer is a consumer and the seller undertakes to deliver the thing to the buyer, the risk of damage passes to the buyer when the buyer or the third party he designates takes possession of it.

6.5.    If the seller is an enterprise, and the buyer is a consumer, for lack of distinct agreement of the signatories, the seller (based on this GCTC: Service Provider) is obligated to make available the product for the Customer (User), right after the conclusion of the contract, but in less than 30 days.

6.6.    In case of late of the Service Provider the User is rightful to set an accidental deadline. The Customer is rightful to desist from the contract, if the seller can not accomplish in the accidental deadline.

6.7.    The User is rightful to desist from the contract without accidental deadline, if:
a)    the Service Provider denied the fulfillment of the contract; or
b)    the contract should have been accomplished until the original deadline - not in another time - as agreed by the signatories.

6.8.    In case the Service Provider cannot accomplish the contractual obligation because the product/or its component were not available, the Service Provider is obligated to inform the Customer right away and to pay back the sum paid by the Customer at once.

6.9.    Testing:

6.9.1.    The User has the opportunity to take the Service Provider's products for a 1-week trial (purchase for a trial), so that the User is obliged to deposit the price of the product in cash for the trial period for the Service Provider.

6.9.2.    During the trial period (7 days), the user can decide whether to keep the product or return it to the Service Provider.    If the User wants to buy the product,    either returns and receives the accounting document,    or by telephone request the Service Provider to set aside the receipt, for which the User has 5 working days to receive it.    If the User does not wish to purchase the product permanently, he is obliged to return the product to the Service Provider within 7 days from the date of receipt, with original packaging, without damage.    If the User does not return the product on time and does not predict the delay, the sale and purchase will take effect and the deposited amount will change to the purchase price, the delivery note issued for testing will become a sale. The above deadline is invalid, the User may not withdraw from the validly concluded sales contract beyond 7 days, the amount will not be refunded.