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AV Connectors

The widest audio and video connector selection in Hungary

Here you can find many connectors, almost every category that exist in the consumer audio video industry, from entry level to high end. You can also get plugs and sockets that are used on hifi or home cinema components, studio or stage electronics or television devices.

Assembling audio and video connectors

Most of our products can be attached to the wire by soldering. For special needs, higher (let’s say audiophile) standards there are also screw or crimp type connectors, that doesn’t even have to be soldered. Products such as specific AudioQuest plugs or HDMI connectors can be assembled by crimp tools. If you need help for this kind of assembly, KáCsa technicians are at your service in our custom shop, located in Budapest. We are happy to assemble wires and connectors that are in our product range.

What influences the price of connectors?

Just like cables, connectors can be less or more expensive depending on applied technologies of the conductor material, complexity of the connector’s inside build, does it contain special insulation (teflon for example). Cheaper aduio connectors are made of brass-alloy and their plating contains nickel inlay in order to stick the silver/gold layer to the metal. There are higher quality connectors for higher needs (mostly for audiophile systems), those have nickel-free plating, hence they aren’t magnetic, but this technology raises the overall cost.

It is true that connectors could change sound quality, but it is subjective that what you hear is better or worse for your taste. Choosing a brand or product is up to your preferation. We do our best to keep our product range on a level that ensures quality and long term usability even from the entry level.

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AV Connectors

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