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KáCsa Audió – Since 1995

KáCsa® Audió Kft. is a family owned company and SME, established in 1995
in Budapest, Hungary. We are working on the High Fidelity, High-End Audio/Video cable and connector market and on the OEM assembly business.

Domestically KáCsa® Audio Kft. is since many years the exclusive Hungarian distributor of such world renowned companies as Neotech (Taiwan), Furutech (Japan), Audioquest (USA) and LessLoss cables (Lithuania), and Soundcare spikes (Norway).

Under our own proper KáCsa® brand name we offer and distribute  a wide range of  HiFi and A/V cables; Gold plated, Silver plated and Rhodium plated connectors, all types of relevant HDMI® cables, HDMI® splitters, switchers and accessories. We are developing and producing OEM cables and connectors for our industry customers and do our own in-house cable assembly with a highly trained and extremely skillful workforce.

We are proud to offer the latest versions of  HIGH SPEED  HDMI® 1.4 Silver plated copper cables together with a patented  DIY HDMI connector plug in a full metal housing for your own self assembly job, directly at the installation site.

The highlights of the KáCsa® Audio product range are:

Rhodium, gold and silver plated connectors
All kinds of  RCA/Cinch, XLR and Banana plugs and
connectors in an extremely wide range
High quality OFC, SPC and OCC cables
Interconnect-, Video-, Digital-  and Speaker cables
Special adapters
HDMI®  1.3 and 1.4 cables with OFC and SPC conductors
HDMI® converters and accessories
OEM developing, production and assembly
We are the first East-European company to become active member of the GermanHIGH END SOCIETY® in the year 2006 and we have been participating at most of the major shows and exhibitions in the Audio/Video field.


KáCsa Audió Kft.
1149 Budapest, Fogarasi út 19/E

Managers in the name of KáCsa Audió Kft. : Pillis Ágnes and Pillis Zsuzsa


Company registry number: 01-09-667241

Tax number: 12338670-2-42

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