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Digital audio cable

Digital audio cable by meter 

It’s a pain in the neck, when you can’t connect your brand new Hi-Fi equipment, because the coaxial digital audio cable isn’t long enough. On the other hand, the cable being too long can be a problem on its own. It just uses your free and clean space behind the shelf and collects more dust. If you would like to purchase an SPDIF coaxial inter- connect cable in custom length, then our online web shop will be the perfect place to choose and find. This way your cable will be exactly the length and quality range that fits your needs. 

Function of a digital coaxial cable 

By „digital coaxial” we mean the most commonly used copper conductor cable, designed for S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) type signal transmission. It can be assembled using RCA connectors, for this reason it may easily confuse you with its regular analog RCA siblings (50 Ω). Digital coaxial cables are specified for 75 or 110 Ω (Ohms) impedance and designed for a wider signal bandwidth. This standard cable can also be used for composite video signal transmission, but the latter has been almost completely replaced by the more practical and higher performing HDMI cable. However S/PDIF coaxial cables still have an important role. They can be applied in several situations, for example connecting almost any kind of digital source component (network music server, media player etc.) to a D/A converter (DAC- digital-analog-converter). This cable type can transfer 2.0 stereo and multi-channel surround sound signal information as well. The S/PDIF interface is also used to carry compressed digital audio for surround sound as defined by the IEC 61937 standard. This mode is used to connect the output of a Blu-ray, DVD player or computer, via optical or coax, to a home theatre amplifying receiver that supports Dolby Digital or DTS decoding. (source: Wikipedia) 

What influences the cost of digital coaxial cables? 

Like every interconnect cable, optimized for Hi-Fi use, digital coaxial cables can also have an influence on sound quality and pricing. Depending on conductor material, insulation, shielding and connector quality the results will vary. Basic coaxial cables mostly contain OFC (oxygen free copper)

Digital coaxial or optical - which is better? 

Disadvantage of coaxial cable is that it can transfer signals safely only at a shorter distance. Optical cables provide transmission even above 10 meters, but the electronic signal must be converted to light, then the receiver device has to convert the light-based signal back to electronic. Theoretically this causes signal loss. Based upon our own experience and feedback from valued customers, if you don’t have to run the cable at a bigger distance, coaxial cable provides better sound than its optical alternative for the same price. 

Which connector will fit my cable? 

By opening any listed products here in the online webshop, you may find suggested connectors on each cable’s description page. Those are the plugs we personally recommend for the specific cable. You can assemble the cable at home. You can also ask KáCsa Audiós professional technicians to do the assembly for you, at a friendly extra cost. 

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Digital audio cable

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