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Connectors for audio and video systems

Connectors for hifi and home cinema

If you are building your own loudspeakers or amplifiers, making some cables, upgrading your existing home audio system or studio chain, the product you searching for is probably in this webshop! This AV connector selection covers almost completely every need of home users and companies that belong to audio-video/home entertainment industry. We also supply professional staging projects, custom installations and many other workflows, where quality connectors are wanted. Most of our products are made of long lasting materials, sometimes with special coatings (nickel, silver, gold, rhodium). With these audio and video connectors, great cables can be built, in order to have a safe signal transmission for many years to come.

Audio and video connector brands at KáCsa

We do our best to offer optimal solutions from entry level to high end. For some projects, even a simple connector will do a perfect job. However, for no-compromise environments, the best of the best comes in focus. In this case, balance is the key. This means that we usually recommend connectors that are optimal for a specific task. For example, it is pointless to assemble a cheap cable with very expensive plugs. We try to follow this concept, while of course keeping your basic request in mind. In this shop, you can choose from KáCsa Audió, Neotech, AudioQuest and Furutech connectors.

What kind of connector should I use for my cables/devices?

You can buy here connectors for cables and „build-in type” connectors for devices too. Of course, in many cases, price will be the main aspect. But technical properties can also be important. For example we recommend you to check the input diameter of the connector, so it should be compatible with associated wiring. When browsing from high end category, you will also find audio connectors that do not require soldering, instead can be fixed by little screws.

If you want your connector(s) to be assembled on a cable, we can fulfill your request in our custom shop, located in Budapest, Hungary. The finished cable can be shipped almost anywhere on the planet

If you want to order the connector with assembly, open the product’s page (by clicking on the product), and select the „Yes, please” under the „Order assembled?” option.

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Connectors for audio and video systems

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