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Analog interconnect

Function of an (analog interconnect) audio cable 

As its name suggests, analog interconnect cables are used to connect Hi-Fi devices to each other. The main purpose of cables that you find in this webshop page is to transmit sound signals in a music listening/home cinema/sound studio/professional audio environment. For example, if you want to connect a smartphone, turntable or mediaplayer to your HiFi-sound system, analogue interconnect cables will provide this function for you and do exactly this job.

What influences the price of analog interconnect cables? 

Even the simplest, most affordable cables can transfer an audio signal. But below a certain quality level, the cables “collect” noise and disortions, which then go into the signal path of your HiFi/Audio system. This will cause coloration and will degrade the sound quality. Higher quality cables use better shielding and superior insulation materials to protect the signal against external interferences. The premium category of audio cables usually contain purer conductive materials (for example solid, monocrystaline  copper, silver etc.) for signal transfer, that can also help to maintain the depth and texture of the music.

What should I consider before buying audio cables? 

It is important that your cable shouldn’t be neither too short - nor too long. If you have to extend a too short cable with another cable, additional contact points may damage the signal – hence the sound. All cables you find below are available in custom lengths. You can order any length up to 50 meters. In case of thicker diameter (Ø) models, be sure that the chosen connector has enough input diameter to accept the cable (we indicate the input diameter in all connectors product description). Specially constructed cables or cables with a unique geometry may require more skills and patience to assemble. Our highly qualified technicians are ready to help you to assemble your custom designed cable, if you so wish and request.

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Analog interconnect

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