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Besides of selling it’s distributed products, KáCsa Audió offers you these services.

  1. Distributing KáCsa, AudioQuest, Astell & Kern, Bennic, Cardas, Furutech, Lessloss, Neotech, and Soundcare brands in Hungary

  2. Sale and assembly of hifi and high end cables and connectors

  3. Wide range of audio and video cables

  4. On site assembly of HDMI and UTP/CAT cables

  5. Structured cable network planning and implementing in home and office environments

  6. Measure, wiring, planning and implementing of hifi, home cinema and multimedia systems

  7. We assemble all our cables to your requirements

  8. We also able to “burn in” your cable, we have the required equipment for this task!

  9. If we forgot someting, feel free to ask on any of our availabilites, perhaps we have a solution for it :)