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Microphone cable

Microphone cables in custom lengths

If you would like to acquire your very own custom made cable to connect microphones or other studio devices (for example an electric guitar, instrument amplifier, mixer console or guitar effects pedals etc.), then this is the perfect place for you! Our product range for this field of application offers several options with different colours, outer diameters (Ø) and internal structure (coaxial/symmetrical). Choose between KáCsa or Neotech brand microphone cables, which contain OFC (oxygen free copper) signal conductors and effective noise shielding layers. All the listed cables in this web shop page have a flexible external PVC skin, which provides long life and reliable function, if you choose proper connectors and use the cable with care.

What influences the price of microphone cables?

You can either assemble the cable yourself, or ask our highly qualified technicians. Located in Budapest, Hungary, we, at KáCsa can assemble almost any kind of microphone cable using male/female XLR connectors or even 6.3 mmØ mono/stereo jack plugs. Assembly by KáCsa technician is an optional service, which you can request easily. When browsing a connectors product page, just set the hook for the "Yes, please" option below the "Order assembled?" section! The final price of a complete microphone cable depends upon the cable type and length, the choice of connector model and its quality range and the incurring assembly cost as well.

How to order microphone and guitar cables

You can choose from our microphone cable portfolio, in any length. Orders take only a minute and can be placed either in the online web shop or by visiting the KáCsa outlet shop in person. The cable length can be selected and ordered in each cable’s own product page. All finished assembled cables can be picked-up at the KáCsa shop during opening hours. Of course you can also request the product delivery by courier service. Shipment is possible almost anywhere in the world!

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Microphone cable

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