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XLR cable

Some guidelines for XLR (also called as balanced) cable selection at audio/HiFi purposes

Like every audio devices and components, XLR cables also exist in various categories. This may be the most robust and secure type of analogue interconnect cable to transfer signals, especially when you need to connect from a little bigger distance. For connecting middle-level sound systems, even our starter categories (KáCsa KCO-IS1 and IS2) are already a good choice. Most HiFi systems can produce a relatively nice musical experience with those cables. For higher level audiophile/high end configurations, we rather recommend the KCO-RTC, KCS-XLR or even higher series. Because of better conductor materials, more advanced insulation and optimized geometry, the better cables often bring you the result of more engaging, less noisy, deeper sound experience, with extra air, openness and overall transparency.

Use of assembled XLR cables

All the products you find below are available in a ready to use condition and in fix lengths. Of course, the prices are meant as Stereo pairs (one cable for the left and one for the right channel). The use of an XLR cable is quite easy, since the source/amplifier already shows how to connect the cable. Symmetrical 3-pin XLR interconnect usually have a locking mechanism as well, so the connector stays in a fixed, secure position and won’t fall out from the socket.

What influences the cost of XLR audio cables?

If you’re building your first HiFi or home cinema sound system, it can be confusing to soo the wide available selection of XLR cables. It is impossible to detect the sound quality just by the visual looks. The prices usually depend on factors like conductor material, metal purity, shielding, insulation, and the whole geometry design of the cable. The quality and complexity of the XLR connector body can also affect the overall acoustic experience. The manufacturers apply different methods and technologies in order to earn better signal quality, so your system can transfer the sound with less pollution and more clarity. We try to summarize all the details and priciples ont he specific product’s page. Of course the most effective way to experience the benefit of a good cable is a personal listening in your own private media room at home. For clients who live in Hungary, we offer „home-testing” as well. Contact our custom shop for more details!

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XLR cable

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