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HiFi accessories

What is a Hi-Fi accessory? What does it do?

A stereo or surround sound system can be finetuned, upgraded, enhanced, just like a computer or a car. You can add or modify some elements in the electrical or signal chain, and sound quality can often be be improved. The hifi accessories you find in our webshop are usually user friendly. The main categories we can offer: isolation units (such as speaker spikes or noise caps), power filters, and other little tweaks (such as fuses, jumpers and demagnitizers, etc.) This means, that they can easily be placed in your system and connected/positioned to existing components, without having to removing/cutting/disassembling your precious devices.

The best hifi accessories

If you have a high quality sound system, it is worth trying out at least one or two kind of vibration controller equipment (for example: spike feets) under your source components and maybe amplifier. High class power distributors (or also called power line filters) can also enchance musical dynamics, stereo/surround space with and the overall depth of your favourite music tracks, by removing noise from the signal. However active and passive power filters have different pros and cons. If you aren’t sure about selecting the right power filter for your system, we recommend consulting with specialized professionals or hifi experts.

Tips for improving your audio system’s performance

Vibration control of source components (LP player, media server, DAC etc.) usually improves sound quality. You don’t have to get the most expensive to experience dramatic improvement. It is worth testing at least an entry level power distributor (with audio-optimized power cables of course), if you never tried one. If you have a projector/television, AudioQuest offers entry level solution with PowerQuest filters, that can enhance the picture quality as well. If you are looking for passive distributors in your high end system, then Furutech offers fantastic passive components for this purpose. But don’t forget to test before purchase (if it’s possible at your location)! Trust you own ears. And enjoy the music!

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HiFi accessories

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